Rafajlovski Audit LLC is a leading company in the area of audit and consulting for a long period of time. Since 1991 the company has actively been working on audits as part of Rafajlovski Consulting LLC - Skopje.

In 2000 Rafajlovski Audit LLC separated from Rafajlovski Consulting LLC - Skopje under the new legal regulation in the Republic of Macedonia and operates as an independent company. The company is authorized by the Ministry of Finance to perform audit on the territory of Republic of Macedonia.

The company's audit team is in constant cooperation with the legal and tax consultancy team from Rafajlovski Consulting LLC.

The company constantly meets the needs for professional services requested by domestic and foreign clients and it offers a wide spectrum of professional services at the same time. For the needs of the investors, banks, business partners and shareholdersRafajlovski Audit offers:

  • Audit of companies' financial statements performed in accordance with the International Audit Standards and the rules and regulations in the country;
  • Tax services;
  • Accounting services.

Our expertise is also demonstrated through the performance of the following services:

  • Limited review of financial statements;
  • Preparation of due diligence programs for domestic and foreign investors.
Member of HLB