Dear visitor,

We are happy to inform you that RAFAJLOVSKI CONSULTING has acquired an accreditation for performing training programs for continuing professional development for accountants and authorized accountants, conducted in accordance with the Law on Accounting .

The accreditation has been acquired by ICC – “Macedonian International Chamber of Commerce”.

According to the agreement with the Institute of Accountants and Certified Accountants and the need for providing continuing professional development, the training will start after September, 15 so that it would provide 30 work hours for the current year, and in the following two years, it will enable achieving 120 work hours necessary for maintaining the certificate for accountants and authorized accountants.

Rafajlovski Consulting, being the biggest and oldest consulting firm which deals with this business activity, will provide you with the sufficient number of conferences for the dates of which you will be informed in a written form during the first ten-day period of September, so that you would be able to plan your time much ahead in accordance with your availability and work duties. 

Moreover, we have attached for you the list of companies who acquired the accreditation for performing continuing professional development training programs, in accordance with the conducted public call by ICC NC for the Republic of Macedonia (OPEN)

Please receive our utmost respect and gratitude for your collaboration so far, which would hopefully turn into a successful and productive long-year collaboration!

Yours faithfully,

Rafajlovski Consulting DOO
Member of HLB