New announcement of the public revenue office for submission of tax balances forms "DB" and "DB-VP" for 2015

New announcement by the PRO from 11.02.2016 for submission of tax balances forms “DB” and “DB-VP” for 2015.

Tax balance for income tax ("DB" Form)

If you are a legal entity - resident of the Republic of Macedonia realizing profit from an activity in the country and abroad, or you have established a permanent foreign legal entity which realizes profits from an activity on the territory of RM, you are obligated to submit Tax Balance for income tax (Form "DB") to the PRO.

Tax balance of total income (Form "DB-VP")

If you are a small or micro entity performing economic activities (except banking, financial and insurance activities or activities related to games of chance and amusement games), keep accounting records and prepare annual accounts in accordance with the Law on Trade Companies and if in 2015 you have realized total income in an amount not higher than 3.000.000 MKD per year, or you have realized a total income of 3.000.001 to 6.000.000 MKD and you have decided or you want to calculate and pay "annual tax on the total income", you are obligated to submit Tax Balance on total income (Form"DB-VP") to the PRO.

Deadlines and ways of tax balances submission

Income tax balance (Form "DB") and total income tax balance (Form "DB-VP") shall be submitted not later than February 29, or the deadline for submission is not later than March 15 for taxpayers who will electronically submit the annual accounts to the Central Registry (voluntary or mandatory).

Monthly and quarterly VAT payers are obliged to submit the tax balances electronically at e-Taxes

Brief information

Submission of tax balances "DB" and "DB – VP" for 2015 (announcement)

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