Until now the Company with its work has provided services for many clients:

Audit of Financial statement

  • MZT- Hepos (company for pro­duction of braking equipment for rails vehicles);
  • Zito Skopje (production of flour and pastry products);
  • Evropa - 92 (publishing and printing house);
  • Zito Polog - Tetovo (production of flour and pastry products);
  • Mikrogranulat - Gostivar (production and adaptation of stone);
  • Napredok - Tetovo (publishing and printing house);
  • ZIK Vardar - Brvenica (growing of fruit and cereals);
  • Zito Karaorman - Kicevo (production of flour and pastry products);
  • SIK Jelak Tetovo (wood industry);
  • Slavej - Skopje (production of orthopedic products);
  • Rudnici i zelezarnica - Skopje (laboratory examinations and control of the quality);
  • Silika Mineral - Makedonski Brod (production of quartz);
  • TEAL Alumina - Tetovo (production of aluminum profiles);
  • ADG Pelagonija (building);
  • Birkart Globistics - Macedonia (transportation of goods);
  • Balkan Expres (transportation services);
  • Ineks Gorica AD Ohrid (catering);
  • MIA - Macedonian Information Agency);
  • Bitola Broker (trading with stock);
  • Mikei (arms trading);
  • Pilux&Danpex (trade with electrical installation Material & Lighting);
  • Urban Invest DOO Kavadarci (production of building materials);
  • Eurolek (wholesale of medicaments);
  • Debarski banji (tourism and health services);
  • ZK Pelagonija AD Bitola (agricultural activity);
  • DS Construction DOO Kumanovo (steel construction);
  • SwissLion Agroplod DOO (biscuit, confectionery and candy products);
  • Multiprom DOOEL (biscuit, confectionery and candy products);
  • Paskalin DOO (coffee production);
  • Bas Tuti Fruti (wholesale).

Valuation of assets several Macedonian companies

  • Bratstvo (production of stainless steel dishes);
  • Slavej - production of orthopedic apparatus and devices;
  • Debarski banji - Debar (tourism and health services);
  • ZIK Kocansko pole - Kocani (agricultural production);
  • SIK Plackovica - Kocani (forestry and wood industry);
  • 8 Noemvri - Negotino (production of bricks);
  • 7 Noemvri - (production of plastic extrusions);
  • Balkan - (tourism and catering);
  • Ilinden - (department stores);
  • Interprogres - (wholesale);
  • Telefon­montaza - (telecommunications, installations and networks);
  • Hidromontaza - water supply constructions;
  • State Owned Pharmacy in Struga, Debar, Makedoinski Brod, Ohrid.
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