The Company Rafajlovski Consulting & Audit was founded and developed under the guidance of Mrs. Vera Rafajlovska and Mr.Goran Rafajlovski.

In its 25 years of existence, the company proved itself as a serious leader on Macedonian market in the area of consulting. The constant modern appearance is based on the enormous potential and desire for change and improvement by following the latest world trends. Being adaptable to market conditions, Rafajlovski Consulting & Audit shows remarkable results and is a real brand.

The company’s social responsibility is a result of the full work capacity that the founders put in every business activity.

The company’s educational capacities represent real basis for development of thousands accountants and auditors in the Republic of Macedonia and raising the profession to the highest level.

Our Team

Goran Rafajlovski, Ph.D.
Еxpert in international and domestic business law and tax

Jasmina Rafajlovska,
Certified auditor, tax and accounting consultant

Vera Rafajlovska,
Certified auditor, tax and accounting consultant

Mitko Poposki,
Certified auditor, tax and accounting consultant

Ivan Stojanov,
Tax and accounting consultant

Biljana Nikolovska,
Attorney and legal consultant

Bojan Atanasovski,
Attorney and legal consultant

Lidija Blazevska,
Accounting and tax consultant

Dragan Avramovik,
Tax and accounting consultant

Ivan Dojchinovski,
Expert associate

Lidija Todorova,
Administrative assistant and professional translator

Marjan Janevski,

Biljana Popovic,
Office assistant and expert associate

Goran Jakimovski,
Graphic designer

Biljana Ivanovska,
Accounting assistant


Branislav Gulev,
Consultant - Budget and budget beneficiaries

Aco Dimitrovski,
Consultant - Banks and savings houses

Trajan Nikoloski,
Tax consultant